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McLaren Builds Their 10,000th Car

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Remember when McLaren was just selling the F1 and it was the coolest car in the magazines? Times have changed, because the English automaker has hit a major milestone regarding their production numbers. In a press release issued today, McLaren announced that they have built their 10,000th car, a 570S finished in Ceramic Grey.

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McLaren Automotive Chief Executive Officer, Mike Flewitt, said: “The production of the 10,000th McLaren is a significant milestone in the short history of the company. The fact that it took us 42 months to build our 5,000th car and just 22 months to build the next 5,000 speaks volumes about the pace of development of the company. Much of that development is thanks to the introduction of the Sports Series family of cars and it’s therefore fitting that the 10,000th car is a McLaren 570S.”

After McLaren’s move to make more vehicles, they have introduced multiple models into their lineup, mostly in the Sports Series. In the Sports Series family, there is the 540C, 570S and 570GT. At the McLaren Production Centre, 10-20 cars are created each day, and now McLaren is expecting to create a total of over 3,000 cars at the end of 2016.

McLaren is planning on keeping the 10,000th car in their Heritage Collection.

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