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Lamborghini Focusing on the Driver, Not Autonomous Driving

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While just about every automaker is focused on integrating autonomous technology in their cars, Lamborghini is looking the other way.

In a recent interview with Digital Trends, Maurizio Reggiani of Lamborghini said they would “be the last brand to offer” autonomous driving. Why? Well, you don’t get in a Lamborghini to have it carry you somewhere, you get in one to experience the thrill of the drive. This is why Lamborghini isn’t planning for autonomous driving, because it would take away from the experience that their supercars bring to the driver.

However, Reggiani did go on to say that the upcoming Urus would feature adaptive cruise control, lane-assist and other features that you would expect in a premium car. Furthermore,the new Lamborghini SUV will have a dedicated connectivity system.

As for Lamborghini supercars, don’t expect the same tech that the Urus will have.