Lamborghini Achieves Record Year in 2017
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Lamborghini Achieves Record Year in 2017

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Lamborghini saw an incredible year in 2017, a year that would set records in their history books. Not only did they release the new Urus SUV, Lamborghini also saw a massive increase in sales and deliveries throughout the year.

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A network of 145 dealers across 50 countries worked together to bring yearly sales from 3,457 in 2016 up to 3,815 in 2017. This increase in sales amounted to a double-digit growth of 10% when 2017 is compared to 2016. When the delivery figures of 2017 are compared to figures of 2010 (1,302 cars delivered), sales have almost tripled in just seven years. From 2016 to 2017, Lamborghini saw the Aventador sales growth increase by 6% (1,104 to 1,173) and Huracan increasing by 12% (2,353 to 2,642).

Here’s a breakdown of the Lamborghini sales figures:

Sales by Country

  • USA (1,095)
  • Japan (411)
  • UK (353)
  • Germany (303)
  • Greater China (265)
  • Canada (211)
  • Middle East (164)

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