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Ferrari Sets Pace for New Record with Strongest Q1 Sales Ever

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The good news just keeps on trickling in for all of our favorite brands. Up this week, Ferrari reports its best first Quarter number ever in the company’s history with a net profit up 19 percent over last year’s numbers.

The brand’s V8 models gained serious sales this year, which helped bring about a total of 1,882 shipments, a 15 percent boost from last year. Ferrari has the introduction of the 488 GTB and the 488 Spider to thank for the surge in V8 sales, according to a press release. The increase comes despite a 6 percent decrease in the purchase of V12 models. Still, all major locations—United States, China,and beyond— where Ferrari’s are shipped saw an overall increase in numbers.

We’re thinking with the recent announcement of a topless LaFerrari, sales will only grow. Congrats to Ferrari!

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