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Ferrari Introduces New Extended Warranty Program

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Ferrari has introduced the new Power15 extended warranty program in order to give new owners even more peace of mind when daily driving their Italian sports car, like the new 488 GTB or 812 Superfast.

Before Power15, new Ferrari owners were greeted with a standard factory three-year warranty and a seven-year free maintenance program. During the cars 6th and 12th year, owners can opt for the new Power15 warranty, which will cover all major components.

Now, Power15 will extend the program with the “possibility of covering the vehicle’s main mechanical components, including the engine, gearbox, PTU, suspension and steering, from year 12 right up to year 15,” according to Ferrari. This new coverage will last for 12 months, but can be renewed each year for three years.

Power15 will be available for both new and pre-owned Ferraris. Additionally, Ferrari will offer the Power15 extended warranty to cars that do not have the extended warranty or have gaps in their coverage. However, that kind of coverage will be subject to the car passing “specific technical checks.”