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Aston Martin Is Aiming For Gender Equality

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Car companies have a history of being a male-dominated business. Ladies have long been relegated to assistants and brand ambassadors, which las led to narrow-minded decisions by the top brass. GM has cut a ton of debt and become much more profitable with Mary Barra at the helm, so Aston Martin is looking for a few good women before they launch their IPO.

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According to Bloomberg, if they chose to move forward without a female presence in the boardroom, it would place them among the 10 all-male boardrooms left in the U.K.’s FTSE 350 index. The timing is also appropriate as the U.K. government is wanting FTSE 350 boards to have 33 percent female representation by 2020. This recommendation, by Lord Davies, would add 350 more women in top positions according to U.K government’s website.

Laura Schwab is currently the President of Aston Martin of the Americas, so allow her to show you the finer points of the new DB11 in the clip below.

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