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Apple CarPlay to Appear in Cars from All Major Manufacturers

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It has only been just over a year since Apple first introduced CarPlay on March 3, 2014, unveiling a software system that essentially turns your car’s infotainment center into a iOS-powered dashboard that connects with your Apple devices, and particularly with your iPhone.

Yesterday, during their official introduction of the Apple Watch and the latest MacBook, Apple also trickled out some exciting CarPlay updates for the automotive world. As IGN and Road & Track both report, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that CarPlay will be present in as many as 40 models set to ship out this year.

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“Every major car brand has committed to delivering CarPlay,” Cook is quoted as saying in Road & Track’s article. Though it’s not terribly surprising so many manufacturers would agree to host iPlay in their cars, it’s undeniably impressive that it happened in just under a year’s time.

Ferrari became one of the first manufacturers to incorporate Apple’s products into their vehicles in 2013, when they introduced a Siri-integrated Ferrari FF at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Be sure to stay with us for more information and to find out which models will be featuring CarPlay later this year.

(Source: IGN, Road & Track, Apple)

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