Review of the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

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Since I have started reviewing cars, there has been one car that I have been hoping for. Its not a BMW, Merecedes, or anything you would suspect. No, its the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo.
Why the hell would I wish for a little hatch-back?

Because its the hot little hatchback that is taking the world by storm.

Okay, so maybe its not extraordinarily famous world-wide, but it is garnering some well deserved attention that Hyundai needs.

When the Veloster first came out, I was confused. Did Hyundai create a car I actually like? A car that I would enjoy driving? A car that I would ultimately like to buy? By Jove I think they have. Unfortunately, the base Veloster is on the weak side and doesn’t offer the pep I like in my step, but Hyundai was surely going to release a sportier, more turbo-y version.

They answered my wishes and released the Veloster Turbo. It comes in at $22,725 base, but the base model is really all you need. If you want a sunroof and nav, go for it but neither are necessities for me. Its powered by a turbocharged inline-4 that creates 201hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. Were you floored when you read those numbers? Of course not. They aren’t outstanding by any means, but they are all this car needs.

It will reach 60 mph from a standstill in ~6.4 seconds, a decent number for a $22k car, and has a top speed of 130 mph. The question is, how will you get to these speeds? Will you opt for the conventional six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, or will you get the six-speed manual? Our car was fitted with the manual transmission, and it paired perfectly with the Veloster Turbo. Its gearbox was smooth, and clutch light, making it easy to power through the each gear and in the end, giving me a rewarding and sporty drive.

I was able to power into most corners, and experience little body roll, due to its wide stance. Throughout my time with the car, I remained relatively flat and was able to maintain most of my speed when cornering. And this is where the Veloster Turbo may just seal the deal. It has a sharp steering ratio of 13.9, and a peppy little engine making this car ideal for someone looking for a little tuner for autocross. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an autocross track set up for me, so I can’t say if it performed well, but I would like to think that it would. The only suggestion I would have is to add a bit more torque, as it may hold back more than you would like when you come out of corners.

I wish I could say that the Veloster Turbo is a sports car, but I just can’t. Its an economical hatchback, fitted with a turbo. Its right on the edge of being considered a sports car, but I wouldn’t go that far. However, the inside will give you the feeling that you truly are in a sports car. The center console is asymmetrically designed, with the Start/Stop button smack dab in the center, the term ‘Turbo’ can be seen throughout the interior, and gray or blue accents sport up the heated seats. On the outside, you will see a sporty hatch with a menacing front end, and one of the most unique rears you will see. My favorite part? It would have to be the flush dual-exhaust pipes that are directly in the center of the rear. But wait, the opened-up grille and sharp headlamps are so pretty too! Lets just say both sides are very easy on the eyes.

Overall, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is a great little car, for a little price. Every bit you pay for, you receive. Its going to give you an exciting and smooth drive thanks to a turbo-charged engine and comfortable suspension. If you choose to, you can opt for the more stiff suspension, but I will say that the stock suspension gives you a great drive, even in the corners. Its perfect for someone who is looking for a sporty car, but is not ready for a legitimate sports car. However, if you want to up the ante down the road, I can guarantee the aftermarket market will flooded with parts for the Veloster.