2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Review

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Hyundai has seen a lot of major changes in recent years. One of their primary focus points has been on their leading sport utility vehicles (SUV’s), the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport. This time, our sales manager and representatives got to take a closer look at the Santa Fe Sport for a week, and explore the newest technology and innovations inside.

The Korean company started with the vehicle’s looks. They redesigned the body and face of the vehicle, giving it sort of a facelift, and made it a bit more athletic. Even with the slim new look, the new Santa Fe Sport is actually slightly larger in dimensions, though less than an inch all around. The masculine body, though slightly larger, is still 265 lbs lighter than last year.

The interior is spacious; a new design inside portrays a vehicle costing much more. Luxury features, such as climate controls, voice activated software and Bluetooth capabilities, bring the Santa Fe Sport to a new level. And while ours only consisted of two rows, a third row is optional for those with a larger family.


The drive was smooth, with rivets and bumps in the road seemingly unnoticed by the driver. Acceleration held no lag; we were fortunate enough to get the four-cylinder turbo engine, which is optional. However, beyond the take-off from a stop, the pickup was somewhat disappointing for a turbo engine. And while it was to be an efficient four cylinder rather than the Santa Fe’s classic V6 engine, the mileage was not very impressive.

Overall, the Santa Fe Sport was an excellent vehicle to drive, and well enjoyed. The useful space and masculine style impressed for its $28,805 price tag. The Santa Fe Sport achieves every use needed for a midsize to large family, while still being fun to drive on your own. The uses and comfort crossed with the fantastic warranty only found under the Hyundai umbrella make the sporty SUV worth the buy. Get to your local Hyundai dealer to take a closer look at the fantastic offer.