2013 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Review

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Price: $34,200 ($44,210 as tested)

Engine: 3.8-liter V6

Transmission: 8-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC

Power: 333 hp & 291 lb-ft of torque

We are all very familiar with the coupe version of the Hyundai Genesis, but what about it’s 4-door relative? The 2013 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 4-door is a great sedan that has luxury and power to boot, without the price.

From the outside of the car, you may see a car that does not resemble it’s coupe brother. It has a more robust appeal to it, with a larger body and more dignified styling. The headlights steal the show with a unique LED light that runs divides them in half. Underneath are fog lights, which are give some flavor to an otherwise standard fascia. The real aesthetics are found inside the car.

The leather seats are smooth and comfortable. In the front, the seats are heated, a welcome option in the Northern states, but otherwise useless in the humid weather of Florida. The back seats provide plenty of room for passengers, making it a great option for a luxurious family carrier. The dashboard and center console are kept simple, with a layout that is simple and easy to view. To control the option on the media display screen is a joystick which can be somewhat pesky at times to use.


Powering this large luxury sedan is a 3.8-liter V6, an engine that is easily one of the highlights of this car. It delivers 333 hp and 291 lb-ft of torque, both of which can be easily felt when the car is tested. If you think that the V6 just isn’t enough for you, you can opt for the 5.0-liter V8 which pumps out 429 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. For me, I can easily say that the V6 had plenty of power for a family sedan, making it very easy to get up to highway speeds from an on-ramp. And on a comfort level, the drive is superb. From a 1-10 scale, we rate it at an 8. The suspension was smooth, as you would expect from a larger luxury sedan, making even the bumpiest of roads smooth like butter. Adding to the comfort level was the 8-speed transmission, which was seamless and quick.

Hyundai has come a long way recently, releasing some of my favorite cars on the road. While the 2013 Hyundai Genesis may not be my first choice in the luxury seadn department, it is still definitely worth a look.