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Volvo Concept XC Coupe

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For 2014, Volvo has a set of three concept cars that they are unveiling to the public one-by-one. The first was the Concept Coupe, which the company announced on Aug. 29, and now they have revealed the Concept VC Coupe.

“Those who love gravity sports freely seek new thrills and challenges. To ensure that they make it back in one piece, they prefer high-performance equipment that offers the ultimate sense of freedom and protection,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President of Design of Volvo Car Group, in a Jan. 8 press release. “The Volvo Concept XC Coupé is perfectly in tune with this active lifestyle. Its capability and protection is cleverly integrated into the sophisticated looks. Concept XC Coupé is ready and willing to bring you into the adventure zone and back,” he added.

In the same release, Volvo described their new Concept XC Coupe as having “sophisticated capability and contemporary safety, inspired by modern sports equipment.” This is the second of Volvo’s three new concept cars and is designed for those with an active lifestyle.


The concept car’s connection to high-tech sports gear comes in various applications found throughout the vehicle itself. Swedish company POC was one of the sources of inspiration for the design team, which creates high-tech protective gear for gravity sports athletes.

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Matte rubber moldings are utilized across the exterior of the Concept XC Coupe, such as on the rear end of the car. This bold design statement, along with the orange accents, gives the concept a striking appearance.

The front of the Concept XC Coupe is highlighted by the new T-shaped DRL light guides.

We love seeing these new concepts from Volvo and how they are all based around what they are known for: safety. Stay tuned for when Volvo unveils the next concept.


(Source: Volvo)