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Gibbs Quadski To Appear on Top Gear

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The Gibbs Quadski  is a groundbreaking vehicle that is part jet ski and part all-terrain vehicle. When land travel is needed, the Quadski can offer its driver four wheels to drive on, but if the driver needs to traverse across water, the Quadski offers something that other personal vehicles cannot. Simply drive the Quadski into the water and with the press of a button, the wheels are retracted and the Quadski becomes a complete jet ski.

The innovative Quadski has gained worldwide fame since it’s launch in Oct. 2012 and will now be featured tonight on the most popular automotive television series: BBC’s Top Gear. In the episode, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond will be racing around Lake Como in Italy, famous for its narrow winding roads. Clarkson will be driving a Quadski, while Hammond will be behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 4C. Will Clarkson’s obvious advantage be enough to take down Hammond in the turbocharged 4C with 237 hp behind its rear wheels?

Be sure to tune in to BBC tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST to see who wins the race. For BBC’s complete listings for tonight, view their schedule here.

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