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2009 Mosler MT900S for Sale

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Have you ever looked at a Z06 Corvette and said, “Wow, I wish my car was faster than that.” Warren Mosler thought so, and he built an insane sports car based on the Corvette’s rock solid powertrain. The C5 Corvette (1997-2004) was an amazing car, and Mosler sought to push it into supercar territory by combining it with the best materials and engineering that money could buy.

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Mosler hired Rod Trenne away from the Corvette design team and contracted engineering giant Siemens to model the finalized car in 3D, even before any parts had been produced. To perfect the weight distribution they mounted the already light LS7 V8 behind the cockpit, eliminating the heavy torque tube.

The body/chassis is a one piece unit comprised of carbon fiber & Kevlar® (we love DuPont™ composites). This means the car is super stiff and very light. Stiffness translates into more grip on the track, as well as the ability to run a relatively soft suspension. Soft springs equal a comfortable ride, something not normally found on track cars. Other benefits include alcantara seats, power windows, power locks, A/C and a powerful audio system. All this adds up to a curb weight of only 2200 lbs.

The car was an instant hit with racers. Enthusiasts were able to race all day, and then drive it home in traffic. Contrary to popular perception, this is not a kit car. Mosler is a DOT certified builder and these cars are 50 state emissions legal. Try finding another race car with those credentials.  If you like the idea of a reliable, comfortable track monster that gets 28mpg, then buy it now.

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