Ford GT Why To Buy

Why You Should Buy a Ford GT

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For two years, we have been collaborating with Motor Trend in taking our duPont REGISTRY Live experience around the US. As a way of perfecting our booth, I have found that one of the best ways to drive attendance is to showcase a Ford GT.

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It’s nice to pack the floor with Italian exotics, but nothing beats an American supercar with a big V8 out back. Many have preconceived notions that such a wild looking car trades civility for shock factor,  but this is where you couldn’t be more wrong.

First Gen Ford GT Horsepower & Complete Specs

I have had the opportunity to drive several examples of the GT, from a Heritage Edition in Gulf livery, to John Hennessey’s twin turbo monster. Within a few seconds behind the wheel, you realize that this wasn’t assembled as a side project or low-volume special project. To celebrate their Centennial, this car was given top priority.

Pulling out all the stops, they built a solid machine that was ready for mass production. The GT was given hands-on attention by engineers, students, and even Mr Shelby to ensure its success. Driving them is a breeze, as the clutch is light and linear, and shifting gears requires less effort than a FWD econobox. The doors are double-sealed and, despite their complex integration with the roof, body panel gaps are among the tightest you will find.

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On the street you would expect the suspension to be unforgiving, but the incredibly stiff space frame allows for comfortable spring rates. The only warning against daily driving the GT is that it attracts so much attention that motorists around you become distracted.

We all know that the new GT will debut with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 which will deliver great power, but its predecessor packed a 5.4-liter V8 with a decent sized supercharger. Since it was based on the V8 used in Ford’s trucks, there is an extensive aftermarket available to push your GT into uncharted territory.

Find your GT from our dealer listings. Install larger camshafts. Turn up the boost. Remove the mufflers. You will have a 650+ hp rocket ship that will run laps around anything else on the street.

Mark Iv Red Ford GT

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Silver Ford GT

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Blue Ford GT

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Mark Iv Red Ford GT

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Heritage Blue Ford GT

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