Aftermarket Ford GT

Twin-Turbo Ford GT With 1,894 Hp Dyno Run

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Aftermarket tuners are fond of the Ford GT and its ability to be modified. From the BADD GT to M2K Motorsports’ examples, 1,000+ horsepower GTs are becoming all the rage.

To show off their 1,894 hp twin-turbo Ford GT, M2K Motorsports put it on a dyno and cranked it up. The sound of the car is almost as amazing as the dyno pull results. See it all happen in the video above, uploaded by High Tech Corvette to YouTube Nov. 1.

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This Ford GT is also the same one that hit 273.7 mph at the Texas Mile. The video of this run can be seen below, and was uploaded to YouTube by High Tech Corvette Oct. 28.

(Source: High Tech Corvette / YouTube)
(Image Source: M2K Motorsports / Facebook)

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