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Tesla Model 3 Price and Release Date Revealed (Yes, You Can Afford It)

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You’ve heard of Tesla’s Model X with its $80,000 price tag (Jaden Smith, we’re looking at you). You’re also quite familiar with the Model S and it’s $71,000 price tag. But what if we told you, that one day in the near future, you, too, could own a Tesla?

How does $35,000 sound for a Tesla? What about $25,000? According to Bloomberg, the famed electric car company will soon introduce the Model 3 at a price point affordable to the masses. They say the Model 3 will come with a $35,000 price sticker, but rebates–including a $7500 tax credit available to all– will bring the price of the car down. Depending on what additional rebates are available in your state, you could own a Model 3 for a mere $25,000.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, eluded to the Model 3 being available as early as 2017, and Tesla will take pre-orders for the electric car starting next month, but there’s some speculation as to whether or not the company will roll out the Model 3 in the above stated time frame. Historically, Tesla hasn’t exactly excelled at meeting deadlines. Still, $35,000 for a Tesla? Many think it’s worth the wait. You can reserve yours for as little as $1000 starting March 31. Elon Musk said so himself:

What do you think? Will you be on the pre-order list? I can’t lie, I might just find my way on the list.

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