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Rev Off: Ford GT vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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Everyone knows that American cars are loud in a way few other countries have been able to replicate.

They’re throaty, loud, deep and intimidating, and you can feel the rumble of their engines before you actually hear it. Two manufacturers in particular, Dodge and Ford, have managed to make engines that sound more like a battle cry than a power source, but which would you say hits a better note?

Salomondrin took to YouTube to try and figure that out, pitting the sounds of a Ford GT and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat against each other in an Oct. 12 video. You hear the cars starting up from both in the driver’s seat and behind the exhaust, and as it switches back and forth between the two, there are some noticeably significant differences in their sounds.

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Both cars make use of a V8, the Hellcat’s at 6.2-liters and the GT’s at 5.4-liters, but one was a toned down version of a race car, while the other is a cranked up version of a daily driver. Do they meet in the middle and have a fairly matched tune? Or is there one that’s obviously superior to the other?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, then find your favorite one on our website and add it to your collection.

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(Source: YouTube)

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