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See the Original Bullitt Mustang Sell For $3.74 Million at Mecum Kissimmee

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Ford fans and Mustang maniacs now have reason to rejoice. If you weren’t able to catch the live stream, an original Bullitt Mustang sold for $3.74 million at Mecum Kissimmee. With a documented history back to the streets of San Francisco.

This 1968 Mustang GT was driven by Steve Mcqueen in the film. We covered this on Friday as it happened, but here it is in case you missed it. Thanks to Dana Mecum and company for years of support, stay with us for all your Mecum news.

2019 Bullitt Mustang Top Speed Run on the Autobahn

P.S. The 2020 Bullitt Mustang is one of the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engines of all time, and its a bargain price for 460 horsepower.


The Original “Bullitt” Mustang Just Sold