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New 2018 Ford Mustang Drops V6, Gets Redesigned Front

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Today, Ford announced the new 2018 Mustang and all the details surrounding the American pony car.

“The new Mustang is our best ever, based on more than 50 years as one of the iconic sports car in America and now, the world,” said Joe Hinrichs, president of The Americas. “Tapping Mustang’s enormous fan base, we’re bringing the new Mustang straight to the people – and introducing the new car across multiple social media channels, reaching millions.”

First off, the 2018 Mustang lineup will be missing the V6 engine, as it has been dropped by the manufacturer. The removal of this engine simplifies the lineup, leaving just the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder and new 5.0-liter V8. For the V*, Ford made it more powerful than ever thanks to new dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port fuel injection.

As for the interior, Ford threw in a new 12-inch LCD display in the dashboard that’s used as an instrument cluster. This isn’t a surprising addition after Ford touted the GT’s brilliant instrument cluster. Like the Ford GT, the new Mustang gives drivers the ability to change the display depending on the car’s driving mode (Normal, Sport and Track).

As for the obvious, Ford has gone ahead and given the Mustang a brief refresh in terms of appearance. The refresh is most apparent in the front fascia, where new LED lights are the focal point. Additionally, the hood and grille were also revised with new hood vents and grilles. The rear of the car also has new LED taillights, as well as a new bumper, available rear wing and fascia.

Those interested will be able to buy the car in Fall 2017.

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