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It’s Official: The New Ford GT Race Car Sounds Amazing

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If you were worried that the new Ford GT race car wasn’t going to sound up to par because of a smaller engine, have no fear.

On Aug. 28, YouTuber Lanky Turtle uploaded a video of the new GT GTE/GTLM race car testing at the Sebring International Raceway. To say that the car sounds amazing would be an understatement.

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At high speeds, it buzzed as you’d expect from a V6 race car. On the downshifts, it sounds like a grenade launcher firing off rounds, while the following accelerations sounds like a fully-automatic machine gun. It’s also nice to hear the loud whine of the turbocharger once the car slows down in front of the camera.

To hear it for yourself, check out the video below.

Ford’s return to Le Mans was unveiled to the world on June 12. What made this occasion even more special was that it occurred 50 years after Ford dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the GT40, making it a very anticipated and historic moment. The new GT race car comes with a slew of innovations, including the EcoBoost engine, a lightweight construction and extreme aerodynamics.

Expect to see it hitting the track at the start of the 2016 FIA WEC and IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship seasons.

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(Source: YouTube)

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