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How to do Launch Control in a New Ford GT

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If you ever want to take your new Ford GT drag racing, you need to learn how to launch it. As the state of the art in supercar technology, the GT arrives with the latest in launch control. Our friend Brooks from DragTimes took a few minutes to show us how the system works. But first, he and his friends had to make a mandatory stop at Prestige Imports for Espresso & Exotics.

Once you access drag mode, it allows you to build rpm to spin up the turbos. Holding the brake and give it some gas and you will hit a 2-step rev limiter at 3,000 rpm. This gets the intake out of vacuum and in the boost by 2 psi. Thanks to the dual-clutch transmission, you are already in 1st gear. Release the brake and hang on! Later on, he goes into detail about Ford’s performance app and its data logging abilities.  If you think you can handle it, our dealers are ready to take your deposit. So stay with us for all your DragTimes updates.

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