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Hennessey Ford GT 267.6 mph Texas Mile World Record

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The famous Hennessey Ford GT donning a camouflage skin is at it again. Patrick O’Gorman recently took the powerhouse Ford GT out to the Texas Mile to beat the previous world record speed of 263.3 mph, which was set last year in October by Sean Kennedy.

This year, O’Gorman smashed the world record, hitting 267.6 mph in the “Camo GT”. The video of the high-speed run can be seen directly below.

Are you unfamiliar with the Texas Mile? Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in.

The Texas Mile is in Beeville, Texas, a small town close to the Gulf Coast. To get to the actual mile, you have to travel to the Chase Industrial and Airport Complex, where the mile is actually located. When you go for a run on the Texas Mile, you get a mile to reach your top speed and then have to shut down in the remaining 1/2 mile of runway. Each event held here spans across three days. That’s three days of motorcycles, cars, and everything on wheels trying to reach their top speed, and maybe even join the +200 Club.