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Ford GT: Comparing 2017 vs 2005

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In the latest film from Doug DeMuro, he travels to the Great Salt Lake to compare a 2005 Ford GT against the latest 2017 GT. Perhaps it was presumptuous to think the new model would share anything with its predecessor, but nostalgia goes a long way at this price point. One of his coworkers has amassed almost 30,000 miles on the previous generation, so his comments on the new car are very insightful.

Ford GT Price, Specs, Photos 2004-2005

In our cooperation with Motor Trend, I’ve had a few opportunities to drive them. Ford spent a ton of money building an amazing street car with the looks and layout of the vintage 60’s LeMans Winner. The 2005 GT is comfortable and balanced, with the best manual transmission ever made. Sure it shares interior parts with other Fords, so if window switches make or break your peace of mind, you might have other issues to consider.

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The new car is more of a race car that is detuned for street manners. With a much smaller cockpit and a lower ride height, visibility looks a bit hindered. Even at the lowest performance settings, the 3.5 liter V6 is loud. The exhaust note is exotic and throaty, but the soundtrack isn’t for everyone. Interior and exterior styling leave nothing to be desired, so we hope some of the unique features will be shared with lesser models. Pros and cons can easily be seen in comparing the steering wheels. The old car was a ring of leather with a GT badge. The new one is a blend of carbon fiber with a ton of vehicle controls. Having so many features at your fingertips is handy, but it leaves any notion of aesthetics in the past. If you want the power and technology that dominated LeMans, your local Ford dealer will be ready to submit your application. But if you want classic looks and three pedals: 1: Buy a pre-owned Ford GT, and 2: Send it to Hennessey Performance!