Ford Introducing 12 New Performance Cars by 2020

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Ford fans, rejoice – you will have a dozen new performance options by the end of the decade. In an interview with the Detroit Free Press Dec. 11, Ford’s head of global product development Raj Nair discussed the new strategy.

In the past their fastest cars were products of the Special Vehicles Team or Shelby in the US, and Team RS in Europe. Ford Performance is the new global arm of product development that will standardize the lineup worldwide.

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Across the pond, the Focus RS has been a dominate force on the rally course and the race track since 2009. We have wished for a US version for years, and now it will be a reality.

CEO Mark Fields said in the interview, “The folks who are looking for performance vehicles want the best and they are willing to pay for the best as long as they see the value.” Ford Performance will be based in Dearborn and headed by Mustang Chief Engineer Dave Pericak.

His new flat-plane V8 is a major step for Ford and a signal to the rest of the world. With the launch of Dodge’s HellCat and Chevy’s new Z06, the timing for a new supercar (hopefully a GT) is perfect. Work on the next Raptor is well underway, and we will bring you updates as we have them.

(Source: Detroit Free Press)

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