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Ford Unveils GT Inspired Home Decor at Salone del Mobile

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It’s a sign of a truly creative individual when inspiration can be drawn from every aspect of life and applied to one niche segment.

Whether taking the flare of a shoe tip and incorporating it into a front fender, or feeling the luxe richness of a bespoke couch and drawing that into the interior of a vehicle, the automotive design world is one that looks everywhere to find what it needs. It’s also an industry that isn’t afraid to extend its prowess into new ventures, and does so with regularity. And now, Ford’s design team has put their touch on an entire line of products for the home.

Chaise Lounge inspired by Ford GT
Chaise Lounge inspired by Ford GT

The Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, is scheduled for April 14 to 19, and Ford is going to be playing a pivotal role in the event. As a press release published by the marque today describes, a range of non-automotive objects that embody the interior design themes of the Ford GT will be on display, ranging from home lighting, to a racing sailboat, to a guitar, foosball table and more.

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The designs are meant to replicate the GT’s guiding principles of “clarity of intent,” “innovation” and “connection,” as the release describes, as these three ideals can be applied to a wide range of items in this world.

2015-ford-gt-home-decor-041315 (6)
Chair inspired by Ford GT

In addition to the GT inspired home decor, Ford has also collaborated with Italian architect Attillo Stocchi to create “FAVILLA, To Every Light a Voice,” an immersive and interractive installation involving plays on light. The American marque will also be participating in a panel discussion at the event, sharing their concepts on design with the rest of the artistic world.

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