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Ford GT Goes 300 MPH at the Texas Mile

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The quest for 300 mph in a street-legal car has been likened to breaking the sound barrier. But our friends at Turnpike Racing League witnessed history this weekend. Team M2K motorsports. After 9 prep runs, #10 resulted in 299 mph. For their final attempt, the quarter mile was smashed at 175 (which is wild to comprehend also). The 1/2 mile saw 240 mph on their multiple GPS instrumentation. Just before pulling the chutes, this unassuming Ford GT goes 300 mph at the Texas Mile.

Lets put that into perspective: The car to break 300 mph was the Blue Bird, and it was a Bonneville racer powered by a massive 36.7L supercharged Rolls-RoyceV12 Merlin plane engine. It needed 2,300 horsepower to do so, on September 3, 1935. Team M2K also broke several other records this weekend. They include the half-mile stick shift record at 240 mph. Now we have seen 300 mph, where do we go from here? Congrats to M2K Motorsports, your names are now in the history books.


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