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Fast Performance Offering Three 600+ HP Muscle Cars With a Warranty

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It’s understood that supercharging a car’s engine comes with some risks. There’s the risk that you’ll eat through tires more quickly, the risk that your toes turn to lead in front of the wrong officer or the risk that your cheeks might actually fall off from smiling too much.

But there’s also the risk of voiding a manufacturer’s warranty if you modify a newer car, which leaves you without financial help should something go wrong because of manufacturer error.

GT 350

Luckily, that risk has been eliminated for 2015’s finest American muscle with some help from Fast Performance Ltd. in Cypress, Texas. Through them, you can now own either the newest Chevrolet Camaro SS, Camaro Z28 or Ford Mustang GT with performance upgrades that churn out more than 600 hp, all with a three year warranty.

Three separate variations are available for the Camaro SS and Mustang GT, all of which start at the lowest rating of 600 hp. In the example of the 2015 Mustang, this is a minimum 165 hp increase over the stock 435 available.

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What’s particularly notable about the horsepower rating for these vehicles, however, is that it conveys the actual power transferred to the wheels, rather than the base horsepower. Taking into consideration the lost power, these supercharged, performance-perfect engines are actually creating 700+ hp.

Currently, if you’re interested in making one of these warranty-backed muscle cars a part of your collection, you can visit either Mac Haik Chevorlet, Mac Haik Ford or Lonestar Chevorlet, three of Fast Performance’s partnered showrooms in Houston. Or, you can contact Fast Performance Ltd. directly by visiting their website at, or find them on Facebook by clicking here.

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