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Could This Be A New Ford Bronco? Please Say Yes…

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Now that the Ford GT is back, why not bring back the Bronco, right? Well, if the thought of a Bronco revival isn’t enough, here’s something a bit more tangible. uploaded a rendering of what they think the 2020 Ford Bronco could look like (seen above). It’s definitely very different than the FourWheeler April Fool’s concept they rendered up in 2014.

For their concept, Bronco6G combined the stylings of the 2004 concept with the design cues of the modern Ford trucks and SUVs. The most noticeable cues that fans will enjoy are the round headlights and the grille.

bronco-concept-22516 (8)

The overall look of the body is very reminiscent of the first generation Bronco. Its tall and boxy stature, along with its “no frills design”, heavy-duty tires and custom roof rack all scream “off-road.” I can only assume that the interior is just as functional as the interior, similar to the cabin of the newer F-150’s.

Bronco6G also notes in their revealing article that Ford is expected to bring the Bronco back  in 2020 as a direct competitor with the Jeep. Their sources told them that Ford has already purchased Wrangler Unlimited and Wrangler Unlimited Rubicons for reference.

What do you guys think of this concept? Hot or not? And, come on, who else is excited about the Bronco revival? Let us know in the comments below.

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