Celebrating Henry Ford’s 150th Birthday

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Henry Ford with a Model T (Source:
Henry Ford with a Model T (Source:

Henry Ford was the forefather of the automotive industry that we see today. While he didn’t create the automobile itself, he created the American automotive culture and how automotive manufacturers operate. So on this day, we take a look back at some facts about one of the most influential persons in automotive and American history. 

  • Henry Ford was dismantled and reassembled watches at the age of 15, and gained the reputation as a watch repairman. 
  • Henry Ford had one child: Edsel Ford. 
  • Member of the Freemasons.
  • Henry moved to Detroit at the age of 16. 
  • While working for the Edison Illuminating Company, Ford created the “Ford Quadricycle”. Thomas Edison backed Ford in his automotive projects. 
  • He created the Detroit Automobile Company and the Henry Ford Company before he created Ford as we know it today. 
  • Ford left the Henry Ford Company, which was renamed to the Cadillac Automobile Company
  • Ford Motor Company was known as Ford & Malcomson, Ltd..
  • 91.3 mph was the land speed record set by Henry Ford in his Ford model “999”. 
  • 15,007,034 Model T’s were produced. 
  • Henry Ford ran for senate and lost to Truman Newberry. 
  • Henry Ford and Son was a company he created to scare stockholders into selling their stocks so he could give the family sole ownership. 
  • He traveled on a Peace Ship to Europe during World War I. 
  • Ford opened the Willow Run factory in 1941 to create B-24 bombers. 
  • Finished first in an “ocean-to-ocean” race in 1909.(Was later DQ’ed)
  • Had 161 US patents