According to Study, Driving a Sports Car Makes You Feel Better

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Want to add a sports car to your garage but can’t seem to convince yourself or your significant other to allow it to happen? Here’s some good news: driving a sports car on a daily basis will “boost your sense of wellbeing and emotional fulfilment,” according to a study conducted by Ford.

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In the study, Ford measured certain “buzz moments” during these activities: watching a Game of Thrones episode, kissing, dining, salsa dancing, watching a football game, shopping, riding a roller coaster and driving a sports car. During each session, the participants had their vitals recorded and each time a “buzz moment” was reached, it was recorded. When it came to the driving session, Ford modified a Focus RS that displays the driver’s emotions across the car’s exterior thanks to 200,000 LED lights. From concept to conception, the Buzz Car took 1,400 man-hours to create.

Results of the study are as follows:

Activity Buzz Moments *
Roller Coaster 3
Driving 2.1
Shopping 1.7
Game of Thrones 1.5
Football Game 1.5
Kissing 0
Salsa Dancing 0
Dining 0


From the results, we can see that driving a sports car gives you just about as many buzz moments as if you were on a roller coaster!

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* Average number of high-intensity buzz moments per participant