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2020 Ford GT MK II Will Arrive Ready to Race

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You can’t deny the abilities of the Ford GT, as it dominated LeMans in 2016. The car had one purpose: Win at all costs! So it was designed around the GTE Pro class, and it outperformed every other manufacturer. Unfortunately, racing series tend to change the rules a little each year. This supposedly forces innovation and maintains a high level of entertainment for the fans. Unfortunately, cars that are purpose-built for one class have a hard time coping with new rules. That is why the Ford GT was disqualified at LeMans earlier this year. Engineers went back to the drawing board to cut weight and increase downforce, so the 2020 Ford GT MK II will arrive ready to race.

Starting with weight, the dual-mode suspension was dropped in favor of static ride height. This dropped 200 lbs, allowing them to focus on better cooling. Turning up the boost to reach 700 horsepower, a roof scoop feeds air to a massive intercooler. Tiny nozzles spray the intercooler with water under hard acceleration, making sure the intake valves stay in one piece! The car does not conform to any class, this will allow the owner to adapt it to conform to changing rules. It will arrive with 400% more downforce, and over 2G of lateral grip. If you think you can handle it, only 45 cars will be built. Each one carries an MSRP of $1.2 Million, and they are available for order. It will be racing at the Goodwood Shootout on Sunday, so be sure to tune in to the Goodwood channel on YouTube. Click the link below to find a street-legal Ford GT and stay with us for all your Ford news.


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