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2016 Ford GT Tours London

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Summer is the time for supercars in London, and Ford has made sure that America’s newest contender is very visible amid the crowd.

The 2016 Ford GT has been making the rounds around England’s capital on the back of a truck, looking very much like a life-size hot wheels car still in the packaging. A video added to YouTube July 29 from Ford shares a few shots from its trip to London’s most famed locations, including the London Eye, Big Ben and Piccadilly Circus.

We saw a few highlights from its trip earlier this month, including July 23, when its badge was covered and passerbys were asked to guess which manufacturer had created it. XCAR aslo had a chance to give it a good look over and shared their review July 24 after the GT swung by their offices, delivered in the same see-through container seen in the video above.

The performance specs for this new GT still haven’t been released, but anticipation builds higher and higher with each glimpse. Pricing is said to be around $400,000, putting it right on par with resale pricing for the 2005 Ford GT models.

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