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2016 Ford GT: Design Breakdown with XCAR

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We have yet to see the 2016 Ford GT in action, on a track or elsewhere, but that hasn’t stopped the American supercar from making its rounds on YouTube.

XCAR was the latest to have some time with the limited edition head turner, and though they didn’t have access to the keys, they still managed to get a good feel for what Ford is trying to do.

In a July 24 YouTube video, above, the history of the Ford GT gives context to the curves and scoops of the GT’s body,  as well as its engine choice. Though many were upset that the original GT’s V8 heritage was swapped in favor of a turbocharged V6, they mention in the video that the GT70 rally car, only 6 of which were built, featured a V6 under the hood.

On March 5, we learned that the new GT is projected to cost around $400,000, and though we know the V6 can create somewhere around 600 hp, exact specs have yet to be released. Of course, with the intention of being a Ferrari killer, we can anticipate a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds or less and a top speed in excess of 200 mph.

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