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2014 Ford Escape Review

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The Escape is Ford’s efficiency crossover SUV and has been bringing drivers a diverse mixture of fuel efficiency and SUV convenience since the start of the new millennium. The latest Escape brings a new design to the table with a fresh body and Ford’s newest line of EcoBoost engines. For a week, we had the opportunity to take a closer look and see exactly why so many Ford owners choose the Escape.

The exterior is a handsome new design with a newly developed front grill and a flatter rear, certainly a big improvement from the 2013 lineup. Ours was a Sunset Metallic color with a black grill and 18” aluminum wheels. Automatic halogen headlights lead the way coupled with fog lights and LED taillights in the rear. One uncommon feature was the keyless entry. There was a keypad for unlocking the doors on the doorsill, and while not a new technology, it was a fantastic way to personalize a new car.


The interior boasted a beautiful new design as well, offering a great blend of luxury and comfort conveniently speckled with user-friendly features. Ambient lighting filled the floors and leather trimmed seats held us tightly in place for any sharp turns or off-road scenarios. Premium sound was also provided by Sony to give you the best in sound offered by Ford.

Riding in the Escape was an absolute delight; the acceleration was smooth yet powerful, even for highway driving. The SUV’s advanced suspension eliminated any blemishes on the road while keeping the vehicle level and in control on sharp turns. With a 2.0-Liter four-cylinder engine we were gifted a combined 24 mpg, a fairly average figure for its class. While different engine options are available, a six-speed automatic transmission comes standard.

The Escape is a fantastic SUV and offers the best of both worlds for efficiency and performance in its class. For just $37,120 you can purchase an identical vehicle to the one we had the honor of enjoying. duPont REGISTRY recommends this vehicle to those who enjoy the comfort of an SUV but would like a more fuel efficient daily driver. The Escape is excellent for driving the kids just about anywhere or simply taking yourself up to the mountains for a private escape with your pet or friends. Get to your local Ford dealer and see one for yourself.