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World Record 2015 Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan For Sale

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If you felt like dominating your local drag strip or autocross, the Huracan is capable of taking almost anything. From the factory, the base Huracan arrives with 610 hp and all-wheel drive. If you have a need for speed, Underground Racing has finished development of their latest UR X-Version twin turbo system.

Because the Huracan is still relatively new, UR had to build the intakes and exhausts from scratch. It takes serious reverse engineering to find room to mount the turbos and related components, and they were able to package it all neatly between the engine and rear bumper. The symmetrical system has two air to water intercoolers along with the latest in Motec electronics. Many turbo cars have anti-lag for launch control, but this is a game changer.

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When activated, anti-lag selectively shuts off the fuel and ignition of individual cylinders. This causes a momentary drop in power while helping the turbos get up to speed. With 2100 hp available, this Huracan has the ability to evaporate all four tires even from a rolling start. Because the car has 10 cylinders, momentarily interrupting the firing order isn’t that big of a deal. Also included are two sets of HRE racing wheels, with a good set of Toyo R888’s ready for top speed. Currently, the car is set up for 1/2 mile racing, where it set a record of 238.6 mph. If you are curious as to what it will do in the quarter mile, that happens in only 7.7 seconds at 186 mph. It is capable of more, but drag parachutes might be required. For more information, please visit the listing on our main site.

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Shakedown race

World record time, listen closely for the anti-lag