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Three Rare Bugatti Veyrons For Sale

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Having the ability to choose your daily driver is one of the finer luxuries in life. Choosing between three Bugatti Veyrons is a decision that only a handful will ever face. Our friend Obi Okeke (Dr. Bugatti) is the person responsible for procuring many of Floyd Mayweather’s impressive rides, and he knows a thing or two about collecting rare cars.

Obi must have faced representing this trifecta of sixteen-cylinder, quad-turbo hypercars with a look of accomplishment. Each one of these Veyrons has a personality all its own, so tell us which one you would buy.


First up is a 2008 model with only 2,134 miles. A stunning blue and white exterior is contrasted with a blue/beige interior.

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Next is a 2010 Grand Sport “Blanc Noir”. Its name is a literal translation of Black & White, and it was the first Grand Sport built for sale in the US. First unveiled in Molsheim at the Ateliers Centenary Celebration, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Blanc Noir features a unique black and white body with black wheels and special ‘Blanc Noir’ commemorative badges.

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The centerpiece of the collection is a 2012 Grand Sport Pierre Veyron Edition. What you see here is the only production Bugatti that pays respect to their famous driver. Pierre Veyron dominated the 1939 LeMans race, making Bugatti known around the world as a force to be reckoned with. With under 400 miles on the odometer, he would be proud to know his legacy has been well honored.

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