For Sale McLaren P1

Street-Legal McLaren P1 GTR for Sale

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McLaren created only 58 examples of the P1 GTR, all of which were not street-legal. For owners who wanted to drive the P1 GTR on the road, they had to have the car converted for regulatory standards. Tom Hartley JNR, a U.K. dealership, is currently offering a street-legal version of the P1 GTR. The owner of this specific hypercar ordered it with the iconic McLaren F1 Lark livery. This McLaren is a true one-of-a-kind considering its design and road-going capabilities. The dealership is offering the P1 hypercar with its original flight case that includes diagnostic equipment, racing wheels, racing tires, racing exhaust and car cover. They’re also including the original handbooks, spare key, and factory invoice. If you’re interested, click the button below to view the listing.

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