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Rosso Dino Ferrari F12tdf For Sale

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Just when you thought you knew everything about Ferrari, they will always surprise you. We have seen tailor-made examples of new and pre-owned cars for a few years. They are built outside the normal production run, with options and color combinations specified by the new owner. For most Ferrari owners this would be enough to satisfy their desires. But beyond the parameters of that exclusive club is Ferrari Atelier. It is the automotive equivalent of Haute Couture, and you will need to be invited to start the process.

Somewhere at a Ferrari dealer, a concierge will lead you to a hidden door. If it was a game, it would be an amazing achievement unlocked, because you have initiated the process to build your own Ferrari. At this point, you are no longer working with a dealer salesperson. Your factory representative has a hotline to Maranello, and they have their fingers on the pulse of the entire industry. Samples of interior and exterior colors can be visualized digitally so you know what look forward to when it arrives. As you might expect, this process comes with a price tag.

Ferrari F12 tdf For Sale

Anything from Atelier Ferrari represents time spent in the ordering process along with a premium price tag when the car is delivered. Life happens, situations change, and that is how we find these rare custom builds. Someone went through the process to build a Ferrari F12tdf unlike any other. Starting with the obvious, the paint is Rosso Dino. The nickname of Enzo’s first son, Dino has more orange than most Ferrari reds, and it is a nice contrast to the GTO stripes in Canna Di Fucile (gunmetal). Every possible carbon fiber upgrade includes headlight buckets to vent bezels on the dash. Other rare pieces include the secondary tachometer to scare your passenger, and the front suspension lift to save your spoilers.

At only 283 miles, the engine still needs to be broken in. Ferrari-Maserati of Long Island sold this car new, and now its available to you. Being the best example of Ferrari’s Certified Pre-Owned program, it is covered by the factory warranty until July 30th 2019. You also won’t pay anything for factory service until August of 2023.Click on the link below for all the specs, and stay with us for the world’s rarest Ferraris.

2016 Ferrari F12tdf For Sale