F430 Ferrari For Sale

RETNA Ferrari F430 Art Car for Sale

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Art cars always hold a special place on duPontREGISTRY.com. They come in all makes and models, and a variety of different artists create them. Today, we get to talk about a Ferrari F430 Challenge car that was turned into an art car by Marquis Lewis, also known as RETNA.

RETNA is known for his art that was inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics and calligraphy from Asia and the Middle East. His styling can be seen across the body of this custom Ferrari in the form of unique patterns created out of white paint. Underneath the paint is a body that had been custom fabricated with carbon fiber. Essentially, every panel with paint on it is made out of carbon fiber.

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This car’s paint scheme was created as a tribute to NART (North American Racing Team). Its first unveiling took place during Art Basel 2015 for an event that benefited charity.

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Now, this Ferrari art car is up for sale through Ferrari Maserati of Fort Lauderdale. You can see more of the car and contact the dealership for more information by clicking the button below.

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