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Record Setting 2014 Hennessey Venom GT Listed For Sale

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A once in a lifetime opportunity has arisen – recently listed on is the record setting 2014 Hennessey Venom GT.

hennessey-venomgt-072915 (5)

Back in February 2014, Hennessey Performance took this very Venom GT to the runway at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Before coming to a halt at the end of the runway, the supercar hit a speed of 270.49 mph.

This 1,244 bhp Venom GT has a carbon fiber body built around an aluminum chassis that, when combined with all mechanical pieces, weighs only 2,743 lbs. With this low weight and a twin-turbo aluminum-block V8, it can go from 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds, 0-100 mph in 5.6 seconds and 0-200 mph in just 14.51 seconds.

In addition to the record speed, this Venom GT holds another world record. Its acceleration time from 0 to 300 km/h, or 186 mph, took just 13.63 seconds. With that timing, it won a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Truly, it’s a piece of automotive history. Boundaries were pushed farther, limits tested and innovations sparked as a result of the feats this Venom has accomplished. It’s not just a chance to own a rare supercar – it’s a chance to own a rare, really fast, incredibly powerful and beautiful piece of automotive history.

hennessey-venomgt-072915 (4)

Watch the video above to see its speed-record run, view the specs to find out its full details, click through the gallery to view it from all angles and hit the button below as soon as you’re ready to buy.

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0-60 mph
0-100 mph
0-300 km/h
0-200 mph
¼ mile
Standing half mile
Standing mile
Verified speed
Est. top speed
2.7 sec.
5.6 sec.
13.63 sec. – Guinness World Record
14.51 sec. – Hypercar World Record
9.92 sec. @ 163 mph
206 mph
253 mph
270.49 mph
278 mph


Forced induction
Compression ratio
Fuel injection
90-degree V8
overhead valve, 2 valves/cyl
iron /aluminum
twin precision ball bearing turbochargers
1244 bhp @ 6600 rpm (cockpit-adjustable to 800, 1000 & 1244 bhp)
1155 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm
7000 cc/427 cu. in.
7200 rpm
dry sump system
electronic sequential multi-port


Brakes, f & r
Suspension, f&r
Ride height
mid-longitudinal engine/rear drive
carbon fiber & composite/aluminum hybrid monocoque-space frame
15.0 x 1.3-in. carbon-ceramic rotors, 6-piston Brembo fixed calipers
Hennessey H10 forged monoblock, 9.5 x 19 front, 12.5 x 20 rear
Michelin Pilot Super Sport; 265/30ZR19 front, 345/30ZR20 rear
rack & pinion, 6-position variable electric assist
unequal-length tubular A-arms, anti-roll bars
Penske 2-way-adjustable coilovers
adjustable; range of 2.4 in.


Transmission Ricardo 6-Speed manual
Final Drive Ratio 3.36:1
1st gear/max speed
2nd gear/max speed
3rd gear/max speed
4th gear/max speed
5th gear/max speed
6th gear/max speed
2.61:1 69 mph
1.71:1 105 mph
1.23:1 146 mph
0.94:1 191mph
0.77:1 233 mph
0.63:1 278 mph

Dimensions & Capacities

Track, front
Track, rear
Ground clearance
Curb weight
Fuel capacity
Weight distribution, f/r %
(with driver & passenger)
183.7 in./4655 mm
77.2 in./1960 mm
44.7 in./1135 mm
110.2 in./2800 mm
63.5 in./1612 mm
63.2 in./1604 mm
3.5 in. to 5.9 in./90 mm to 150 mm
2743 lb/1244 kg
18.5 gal./70 liters