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Rarest Of The Rare: 2011 Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

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Presented By Ferrari Maserati of Fort Lauderdale

When Enzo Ferrari needed something more than his designers could create, only one coachbuilder could be considered. Pininfarina was a design dynasty who built the most exclusive Ferrari models. The business of building street-legal cars was Enzo’s way to fund his race teams. What began in 1947 quickly grew faster than Ferrari was ready for.

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So in a meeting with Sergio Pininfarina and his father, they took over design and production of Ferrari in 1951. Sure there have been other builders. Scaglietti and Bertone were allowed to build a few cars, but every other Ferrari until the 488 GTB and the LaFerrari have been overseen by Sergio and his son Andrea. When he passed away in 2008, the automotive world would never be the same.


How do you pay tribute for over 50 years of brilliant work? Ferrari decided to build the rarest production car in their history. The 599 GTB was one of the final cars to wear the Pininfarina badge. It arrived in 2006 as a replacement for the 575M. As time progressed, racing versions like the 599XX and private teams gave feedback to the factory. What resulted is the 599 GTO. Power was increased to 661 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque. It allowed for a lap of Fiorano one second faster than the Enzo.

Ferrari 599 GTO For Sale


Capable of reaching 60 mph under 3.5 seconds, the 599 GTO will remain sought after by collectors. Lighter and faster than the base model 599 GTB, Ferrari limited production to only 599 examples. By mid-2011, work on the F12 Berlinetta was becoming finalized. So in order to give the 599 series a proper farewell, the top was removed and the windshield frame was cut down to make a proper roadster. In order to preserve strength and rigidity, extensive supports were added to the cowl and rocker panels. The result was named in honor of Sergio and Andrea’s stewardship of the brand.


The 599 SA Speciale Aperta is literally a special convertible with both of their first initials. It uses the GTO’s engine and drivetrain and includes a rudimentary soft top in case of rain. Before production began, all 80 cars were spoken for. To redesign a chassis and body for only 80 cars is a money-losing proposition for any company. But Ferrari will always be indebted to Pininfarina for their timeless creations. Because all examples went to Ferrari collectors, it is rare to see one of the 80 in daylight, let alone for sale.

Ferrari 599 SA Aperta For Sale


That is why Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale is honored to offer this example with only 292 miles. Special colors inside & out compliment the 2-tone seats and matching luggage. It has a yellow tachometer along with an Iroko leather steering wheel. You won’t see another one in person, and that is why it belongs in your collection. Click the link below to see all the details and stay with us for all of your favorite Ferraris for sale.

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