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Oryx White 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder For Sale

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Presented by St. Louis Motorcars

One of the most endangered species of Antelope is the Scimitar Oryx. I wasn’t aware that the majestic white beasts were part of Egyptian and Roman mythology until I stumbled across the color code of this Porsche 918 Spyder. Nothing about the Spyder is arbitrary or superfulous, and that is why you need to experience the car in person. Orxy White Metallic is the name of this pigment, and like the Scimitar, you probably won’t see another one in the wild.

A potential danger exists when this much thought and engineering are put into a single car. It will destroy your concentration. The 918 Spyder doesn’t care what you are thinking about or what your priorities are, it knows you will fixate on one of its intricate details and fall down a proverbial rabbit hole. 683P 918 Spyder Oryx White Garnet Red Large (19)

Driving around on battery only, the 918 feels faster than most sports cars and much faster than any electric we have encountered. The carbon composite body is easily motivated by the 279 hp electric motors. But Porsche decided to place a button on the steering wheel that awakens the V8 to add 608 hp to that equation. The engine ignites within a fraction of a second and is held under load until the catalytic converters reach operating temperature.

683P 918 Spyder Oryx White Garnet Red Large (18)

After a few minutes behind the wheel, you feel that every action the car makes is a response to countless hours of testing and development. This 918 Spyder was just traded in at St Louis Motorcars and it deserves an owner who can appreciate and respect Porsche’s finer details. The Garnet Red interior has no signs of wear after only 1,810 miles and it can be yours.

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