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MSO Sarigan Quartz Silver 2015 McLaren 650S Spider For Sale

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In order for carbon to become a diamond it takes tons of pressure and years of patience. In order for McLaren Special Operations to build a car customized to your tastes takes time and a significant adjustment to the car’s purchase price. That is why many who order their McLaren from the factory are usually reticent to indulge in the many bespoke options that MSO has available.

On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes an owner orders a car to make a statement. An individual that desires something truly unique must be willing to go to great lengths to ensure that the work is never replicated. That is what our friends at McLaren Newport Beach have discovered. Someone made a significant investment in time and money to order every MSO option available for their McLaren 650S Spider for sale.

Res Ipsa Loquitor: The car speaks for itself. From the removal of the nose emblem to satin finish carbon fiber throughout, this car is 1 of 1. The exterior is known as MSO Sarigan Quartz Silver. MSO emblems on the satin rocker panels are not enough to prepare you for the interior. Hand stitched MSO leather and Alcantara compliment MSO specific carpet and mats. The additional content amounted to a surcharge of $107,637 on the window sticker. Total cost? $425,393.

With only 1,768 miles, McLaren Newport Beach has ensured this 2015 Spider is like new inside and out. For more photos and information, please click on the link below.

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