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McLaren P1 GTR Actually For Sale in USA

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McLaren Newport Beach is pleased to offer for sale this stunning McLaren P1 GTR.  This particular example was the second race-ready GTR off the assembly line in Woking, England and was spec’d through the MSO department in bespoke “Alaskan Diamond White” with Navy Blue racing stripes.  Originally handed over to the first owner in Southern California, McLaren Newport Beach has had the pleasure of showcasing chassis #2 on their showroom floor in the past.

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The GTR was most famously given to the now iconic F1 GTR that dominated the racing circuit at the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours.  Given that the P1 GTR was purpose built for the race track, and not for street use, there were no limitations when developing this vehicle.  Everything from the power delivery, to the aerodynamics on the GTR was pushed to the limit.  The 3.8 liter V8 twin turbo power plant was enhanced by adding a hybrid electric motor which pushed out a staggering 986 bhp when combined with the combustion engine.  McLaren also added in features that come straight from their Formula 1 cars such as an ERS-style push to pass system (electric boost), and a DRS button that reduces the drag produced by the large rear wing, which equates to a much faster straight line speed.

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With only 50 GTR’s produced by McLaren, and only a handful of those actually making it to US soil, the P1 GTR is not only extremely rare, but becoming very popular amongst those looking to add to their collection.  Not only are these cars beautiful to look at, but also extremely exciting to drive on the track.  McLaren offers owners personalized logistics, track preparation, driver coaching, & racing support, so that each individual GTR owner can enjoy and experience his or her favorite race tracks all over the world.

For serious inquiries, and additional information about this P1 GTR, please contact the sales team at McLaren Newport Beach.

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