For Sale McLaren P1

McLaren P1 GTR for Sale – $4.5 Million

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How do you define rarity when it comes to hypercars? McLaren only built 375 examples of their P1, and it was built to take on the world. Idle hands will never be found deep inside McLaren’s Technical Center, so their intrepid engineers are never satisfied. So while the ‘normal’ P1 production was underway, there was a collaboration between their F1 team and the team. The result was a P1 that sacrificed leather and mufflers for downforce and track dominance.

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The P1 GTR was and is the ultimate McLaren race car. Because of the extensive changes from its civilized sibling, only 45 examples were built. They were only offered to collectors who had a P1 already, and each one was built to the owner’s wishes. A few of those owners inquired about driving them on the street, a notion the team had foreseen but not acted on. So before completion, a handful of owners opted for taillights, turn signals, and the front axle-lift to allow the car to be driven on public roads.

It comes with Lanzante’s first street-legal conversion kit, allowing it to be driven on the UK streets. This McLaren P1 GTR was commissioned by McLaren connoisseur in the US, and he drove it 900 miles to seat the rings and bearings. It holds the It now resides in our showroom, fully charged and ready for a new owner.

By pure coincidence, a McLaren engineer happened to stop by on his Floridian vacation and he went over this car with white-glove treatment. He remembers each GTR as if they are his children, and he gave us his blessing that this car has been kept in factory condition since it was built. When the team was given the green light to see how much power the V8 and hybrid system could make, the end result was a P1 that is 110 lbs lighter and 83 additional horsepower. With 986 hp at your command and semi-slick race rubber, you will reach 60 mph in 2.4 seconds on your way to a top speed of 225 mph. The electric range is also improved. If you don’t want to scare your neighbors it can cruise on battery power for over 20 miles.

Taking into consideration, the power, and the limited production; we ask you: What would you do? Drive it as it was intended, or preserve it as an example that Bruce McLaren would be proud of? A car with this provenance is automatically inducted into our Supercar Sellers Service. We have been honored to help facilitate the transactions of everything from an Aston Martin One-77 to a Porsche 918 Spyder. Of course, it has a title, keys, and an invitation for driver training by McLaren. If you need your collection to reach a new plateau, this P1 GTR is waiting for you.

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