570S For Sale McLaren

Lantana Purple 2017 McLaren 570S For Sale

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Everyone knows that McLaren builds a fast car. Their Super Series is comprised of the new 720S and the wild 675LT, but some drivers would be overwhelmed with over 700 horsepower. That’s why McLaren introduced the 570S as the first model in the Sports Series. Power was dialed back to make for a more refined experience. It may be 80 horsepower short of its bigger siblings, but at these power levels, the difference can be almost negligible on the street.

Although many tuning shops have accused McLaren of sandbagging their performance numbers, the 570S is officially rated at 562 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. It does lack the fancy suspension and some of the neat tricks of its big brothers, and that is how it’s able to weigh-in at 3,186 lbs. Several rear wheel drive competitors exist at this power level and even one from the same assembly line. The other 570 McLaren is the 570GT, which trades the vertical rear glass for a side-opening hatchback. It has slightly more cargo room, but rear visibility takes a big hit. Compared to the 650S, the 570S feels like the turbos spool up faster. They might be smaller in order to limit the total output, but it’s nice to have an instant reaction.

McLaren 570S Hits 212 MPH on the Autobahn

Even though it is the current entry-level McLaren, it is still open to interpretation by McLaren Special Operations. This example arrived with every possible customization. The stunning exterior is “Lantana Purple”, which makes a nice contrast against Saddle Tan leather. Forged lightweight wheels are a cost-added option, as are the carbon fiber accents. This includes everything from the spoilers, rocker panels, mirrors, door panels, center console, and the rear bumper. Other goodies include front lifting suspension and sports exhaust, making it the ultimate daily driver. We love to provide you with the ultimate in luxury and performance cars, so take a closer look at this mean machine and stay with us for more magnificent McLarens.

2017 McLaren 570S For Sale