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ICON FJ44 from Jay Leno’s Garage is for Sale

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If you’ve followed either ICON 4×4 or Jay Leno’s Garage for a while, then you’ve seen the FJ44 that Leno took for a drive years ago. This gorgeously designed off-road vehicle is a new-school take on a classic, featuring the iconic design but with modern technology. It’s powered by a GM V8 engine, rolls with Dynatrac 44/60 axles, stops in time thanks to Hydroboost sport brakes and has coil-over suspension. Sound intriguing to you? Well, ICON 4×4 is currently selling this very FJ44. The CEO of ICON 4×4, Jonathan Ward, announced the listing of the FJ44 in an Instagram post. Those interested should send a DM directly to their Instagram account.