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Green 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder For Sale

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Presented By Ferrari of Long Island

It takes great restraint to order Porsche’s most exclusive hypercar and not to drive it. Only 918 cars were built, with less than 300 being allocated to the US. Someone wanted every option, so coveted Weissach Package was the perfect starting point. Intended for track day dominance, it makes use of expensive materials to save 80 lbs of curb weight. Magnesium wheels, ceramic bearings, titanium bolts, and racing seats are the most obvious parts of the package.

Nothing piques the interest of Porsche fans more than “Sonderwunsch” or Special Wishes. This one ambiguous line item opens the door for nearly unlimited customization for the buyer. For this 918 Spyder, the normal colors were too boring. Paint-to-Sample Green is the name of the exterior, and it can also be found on the interior as contrast piping. Custom tailoring and carbon floor mats are the next jaw-dropping options, and if you’re going that far, the painted key is a nice added touch. We’re not sure if it is lacking any options because front axle lift and the cup holder are also along for the ride. Speaking about the ride, it was a short one. This car has only 2,068 miles, so it’s still under warranty and ready for you.

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