F12tdf Ferrari For Sale

Pristine Giallo Triplo Strato Ferrari F12tdf for Sale

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The Ferrari F12tdf was created to pay homage to the Tour de France Automobile, a historic race that ran between 1899 and 1986. Back then, Ferrari was a dominant force in the race and that’s why its been so important to them over the years. Baring such a historic name, the F12tdf sure has a lot of prestige backing it. And now Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale is offering a pristine example of the distinguished supercar.

This Ferrari F12tdf is finished in Giallo Triplo Strato, a triple-layer pearlescent yellow paint. Running down the center of the car is a white stripe that’s flanked by blue stripes, creating a racing stripe visual. There are also carbon fiber trim pieces in Blu Lucido that are just the cherry on top in terms of this car’s appearance.

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Inside is a Blu Sterling interior in leather and Alcantara with yellow accents, perfectly matching the car’s exterior. There is also a long list of Ferrari options that go along with this F12tdf, thanks to the Ferrari Tailor Made program. This list includes features like the Carbon Fiber Racing Seats, Apple CarPlay, Blue Brake Calipers, Seatbelts in Giallo (Yellow), Titanium Exhaust Pipes, and a lot more.

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As for the life of this car, it’s been a squeaky-clean one. It’s had only one owner and the odometer reads just 73 miles (delivery miles). It comes with the Ferrari Factory Warranty until 9/29/20, as well as the Complimentary Ferrari Genuine Maintenance Service until 9/29/24. For more information, be sure to click the button below.

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