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Koenigsegg R BLT Found Covered in Dust, To Be Auctioned

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In a Feb. 28 post, CarNewsChina uploaded a post containing several grainy images of the Koenigsegg Agera R BLT that disappeared into the mysterious realm of Chinese Customs in October of 2012.


The one-off BLT was seized in 2012 from a Chinese businessman attempting to sidestep import taxes. Now that the dust has settled onto the carbon-fiber bodywork, an unnamed source claims that Chinese customs will be auctioning off the hypercar during the first quarter of 2015.

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Looking at the pictures, we can see that the customs officials fitted seat covers in the cabin, but did little to protect the bodywork and engine bay from dust. On the plus side, the rear tires appear to have most of their tread, which would lead us to believe that there hasn’t been any government-sponsored joy-riding.

Due to the nature of the source, we can only speculate when this bullet will shake off the dust and head to it’s new owner, but we’ll keep you posted as it appears.



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